Frequently Asked Questions

The PREMIUM online course contains my proven framework to create engaging demo videos and tutorials for software & SaaS. The 8 modules build upon each other and lead you step by step from planning to creation to distribution.

Each module consists of 4 to 6 videos explaining you everything in detail, so you can follow along easily.

You will find additional downloads and bonuses like checklists, worksheets and example scripts.

Yes! Once you sign up, you get instant access, for as long as you want – there’s no expiration date, and no additional monthly costs.

You get immediate access to the first two modules of the PREMIUM online course. Every week, two more modules become available, so that by the end of week 4, you can have the course completed if you commit yourself to it (what I really recommend, it will save you tons of time once your videos are online!).

If you’re just starting out or you’re a DIY person, improve your videos immediately with the STARTER COURSE. Or step up your game with the PREMIUM COURSE which will teach you everything you need and get you on the right track.

But imagine there were someone guiding you along the way, asking the right questions and stopping you from making time-consuming mistakes.

This someone would help you find and address the crucial areas first. You could ask him everything that’s on your mind, and you’d move forward faster.

That someone is me, and with the VIP COACHED COURSE, you can pick my brain and get access to my knowledge and experience whenever you need it most.

Ideal for hustling entrepreneurs and growing businesses that need to harness the power of video fast.